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First Aid Training – what do you need to know?

Are you wondering what First Aid Training Course is suitable for your workplace?  There appear to be so many versions out there which can lead to confusion.  The only First Aid standard that is recognised by the Health and Safety Authority is the , https://phecit.ie.  This is a 3-day (18 hours) classroom-based course, or it can be done as a blended course – 9 hours of eLearning (the student can dip in and out of the course when they have time) and 9 hours in class.  However, this may differ from one Approved Training Institution (ATI) to another. PHECC must approve the blended course, so do look for confirmation of this, if you chose this course.  Certification is jointly issued by PHECC and the Approved Training Institution (ATI) and both logos will appear on the certificate.  This certificate is valid for 2 years, and recertification is done over 2 days in class or 6 hours eLearning and 6 hours in class.  Look at the course content for First Aid Responder and First Aid Responder – blended to see the contents and methods of instruction.

Health and Safety Authority Guidelines on First Aid Responders in the Workplace

The Health and Safety Authority outlines the number of First Aid Responders that is required in the workplace, depending on the risk involved in each industry . Companies are legally obliged to carry out their own written risk assessments.  A risk assessment on First Aid will determine the first aid risks in their workplace and guide on the number of First Aid Responders required to minimise the risk.   The following must be considered to ensure adequate cover:  shift work, sick leave, annual leave.   There must be a First Aid Responder on-site, always, if this has been identified in the risk assessments.

Short First Aid Courses

Companies may choose to train other staff to look after a casualty, in the temporary absence of the First Aid Responder.  This type of training can take the form of a First Aid Information course.  However, this is a short (3-hour class) course, or can be done through eLearning, but is not designed as a substitute for the First Aid Response course.  A First Aid Information certificate is issued by the First Aid Instructor or training company but is not a recognised standard.   Companies may also train staff as Cardiac First Responders (CFR) which is a PHECC standard, particularly if there is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site.  This is a 3-hour classroom-based course, which is valid for 2 years, and is jointly certified by PHECC and the ATI.

First Aid Responder Requirements in Childcare Facilities

In Childcare facilities, TUSLA requires that there are First Aid Responders trained and that there is an adequate number on-site, as identified in the organisation’s risk assessments. Other staff may be trained in Paediatric First Aid, to assist the First Aid Responders or to stay with a child in the temporary absence of the First Aid Responder. Paediatric First Aid is an informative course and is not a recognised standard.  Certification is issued by the First Aid Instructor or the training company.

It is important that whatever training you choose that is right for you, or your organisation, you take the time to determine what you really need and that it meets your legal obligations.  If in doubt, ask questions, check out both the PHECC and HSA websites and feel free to call us in EMS & Associates on (041) 982 2933 and we will give you the correct advice, based on your needs and the risk profile.  If you need to book a First Aid Responder course, click here.

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