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What are your training options?

This past year, with the onset of COVID-19, has seen drastic changes in the manner in which training is delivered.  We have had to quickly move away from traditional training, where possible, and embrace both online delivery and eLearning.  The need to train and maintain compliance does not go away during a pandemic.  In fact, it may even increase, with increased risks presenting. 

Are you thinking about training for employees, in particular eLearning, but are not sure what the advantages are or where to go about it? 

Let us give you some interesting facts about eLearning!

Reduces Employee Turnover

It is diffi­cult to attract and retain good employees. To get the right people to join and stay in your business, you must provide a transparent and achievable career development path, which offers the opportunity to upskill. eLearning provides you with the ability to provide this career development in a cost-effective fashion that works for your business rather than against it.

Reduce Disruption to Schedules

eLearning means no boundaries in terms of rostering. One of the key advantages of eLearning is that employees have the freedom to participate in eLearning courses from anywhere, and at any time once they have an internet connection. eLearning gives both management and employees more flexibility to complete important training around the operational schedule, rather than disrupting it.

Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction

It is a well-known fact that good customer service is the lynchpin of success in any industry. Proper training on handling customers and communicating the value of products effectively goes a long way in ensuring high quality customer service.  Standardising this training across all employees gives your organisation the competitive edge that is needed in today’s competitive world.

It is Measurable?

Because eLearning is digital, it can all be measured at a granular level. Let’s not get technical, but Dulann EMS support SCORM publications on a Learning Management System (LMS) so each learner’s activity can be measured, tracked, and traced. Automatic reminders can be sent to employees who have started a course but not finished, or when new courses are available.

Increase Compliance

Dulann deploy courses that are focused on Montessori and/or Cognitive based approaches to learning. This self-directed and self-paced approach means that our learners retain far more information. It’s not rocket science to work out that when people retain more information, they are generally more compliant and productive.

Everyone uses eLearning

That’s right, eLearning is far more widely used than you may think initially! Doctors & Nurses, Insurance Professionals, Teachers and Accountancy Practitioners all complete online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) these days. Large Retail and Hospitality chains, Students and Multinationals all use eLearning to deliver core training.

Save Money

Let’s go straight to the bottom line. eLearning reduces many costs that would normally be associated with classroom training.  When you consider savings on items such as travel, overtime, learning materials, venues, catering, etc, then it’s a win-win. What are you waiting for?

Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

A recent study found that eLearning courses involve 87% less energy and 85% lower carbon dioxide emissions than traditional classroom based courses. These reductions were found to be largely due to the reduced requirements for travel, but it was also down to reduced paper wastage. So not alone will Dulann EMS save you time and money, but we will also reduce hassle and make you feel good, all at the same time!

Do you need more guidance and help to establish what the learning needs are for your organisation?  We offer a range of solutions, including blended learning (where practical skills must take place).  Give Susan, Daniel, or Carmel a call on 041-9822933 for a chat or email us on info@emsandassociates.com and we’ll get you sorted. Visit our site for more information.

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